Atlantic sailfish

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a kind of sailfish

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8%), and fall within the range reported for Atlantic sailfish caught on live baits rigged with J hooks using a variety of dropback times (23-57%; Prince et al.
5%) in this study is slightly lower than the values reported for Pacific sailfish caught on natural baits (6%) and for Atlantic sailfish caught on live baits with circle hooks (5-13%; Prince et al.
On the biology of Florida East Coast Atlantic sailfish (Istiophorus platypterus).
The biology and fishery of Atlantic sailfish, Istiophorus platypterus, from Southeast Florida.
longliners were high in this region during the presumed spawning period of Atlantic sailfish (NMFS (1)).
Regardless, high densities and broad distributions of larvae combined with rapid growth and high production potential indicate that sailfish larvae spawned or hatched in the northern Gulf potentially contribute to Atlantic sailfish populations.
We were pursuing one of the most magnificent, highly migratory species in the western North Atlantic Ocean, the Atlantic sailfish.
Atlantic sailfish are primarily daytime surface feeders, and so many captains locate them from the top of their tuna towers using sharp eyesight, polarized sunglasses and binoculars.
From January through March there is no better place in the world to catch numbers of Atlantic sailfish.
On one of those baits we caught the biggest Atlantic sailfish, to this day, that I've ever seen.
If you have never hooked into an Atlantic sailfish, this is the time to act.
The apex predator at these dropoffs will be the Atlantic sailfish.
In most years, populations of Atlantic sailfish bounce around from Sebastian Inlet to Key West from November through February.
Large numbers of Atlantic sailfish and white marlin begin to arrive in March.
In addition to white marlin, huge numbers of Atlantic sailfish also feed outside the reef near Isla Mujeras and Cozumel.
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