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Due to the unique legal circumstances involved in extending the City Water System, Kanner & Whiteley also worked to develop provisions within the settlement that would allow owners of property within the class area on which a domestic well was located to obtain water rights at Atlantic Richfield Co.
The earlier contract with Atlantic Richfield Company, which ARCADIS won in August 2009, involves environmental remediation and site closure for a portfolio with existing environmental liabilities.
25 billion purchase of Atlantic Richfield, after the company agreed to sell large oil holdings in Alaska.
a subsidiary of Atlantic Richfield, in return for all of Atlantic Richfield's land-based exploration and production properties in California plus Arco's 49 percent interest in a 234-MW cogeneration plant in the valley.
Mr Fletcher was General Manager of exploration and development for Atlantic Richfield, while in this position the company successfully identified economic ISL deposits in Wyoming, New Mexico and Texas that were eventually sold to US Steel.
Prior to joining Applied Materials, Davis served as vice president of finance, Europe, Middle East and Africa for Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO), where he was chief financial officer for ARCO's operations throughout that region.
5 million to pay the Atlantic Richfield Company for remediation costs that the Environmental Protection Agency and the State are requiring at the site for dam and sediment removal.
A separate report by the Washington-based Center for Responsive Politics, another group seeking a ban on soft money, listed oil giant Atlantic Richfield as Southern California's biggest contributor.
Prior to his non-profit work, Van Winkle held corporate posts with Atlantic Richfield Corporation and James River Corporation.
In a move cheered by consumer advocates in California, the Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday scuttled the proposed $30 billion merger between BP Amoco and Atlantic Richfield Corp.
Standard & Poor's rating action follows Triton's announcement that it has signed an agreement with Atlantic Richfield Co.
Wiscomb served in a number of different financial capacities with Atlantic Richfield Company ("ARCO") for 22 years culminating in his position as Vice President of Finance and Administration of ARCO's Australian coal operations.
The downtown corridor used to be the home of large corporations such as Atlantic Richfield Co.
On June 16, 1998, Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) successfully completed the UTH common tender offer for $2.
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