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Richard Pines, a principal of Athyrium, commented, "The FilmArray Platform has demonstrated its proven clinical value, ease-of-use and exceptional multiplexing capabilities in the highly demanding, fast paced hospital environment.
The Fund's senior investment team is comprised of Jeff Ferrell, Founder of Athyrium Capital, Laurent Hermouet, Jeremy Lack, Richard Pines and Hondo Sen, Partners at Athyrium Capital and Samuel Porat, Managing Director at Neuberger Berman.
NASDAQ: CPEX) today received a letter from Athyrium Capital Management, LLC in response to recent incomplete and inaccurate statements by Mangrove Partners.
The Japanese painted fern, athyrium niponicum pictum, has fronds decorated with silver and bronze.
One has only to contemplate its 123 species of Athyrium vs.
announced that it has signed a binding commitment on a $40 million senior secured term loan facility, provided by Athyrium Capital Management.
Several recent classifications tentatively place the families Athyriaceae and Cystopteridaceae in Woodsiaceae, which includes four genera found in the Hawaiian Islands: Athyrium, Cystopteris, Deparia, and Diplazium (Smith et al.
Kato; (+); Synonym: Athyrium thelypterioides (Michx.
10M Financed by SWK of Dallas with $4M from Athyrium Opportunities Fund
Athyriaceae Alston Athyrium Roth (E) Athyrium microphyllum (Sm.
Our collection consists of one each of three hardy varieties - Athyrium filix femina, Asplenium scolopendrium and Polystichum polyblepharum.
Adiantum pedatum, Athyrium thelypterioides, Athyrium pynocarpon, Hepatica acutiloba, Hydrangea americana, Polystichum acrostichoides, Stylophorum diphyllum, Tradescantia virginiana, Trillium grandiflorum, and Veratrum woodii are all confined to the slope communities.
This latest round of equity financing was led by Bay City Capital, and joined by new investors, AmorePacific Ventures and Athyrium Capital Management.