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South African playwright whose plays feature the racial tensions in South Africa during apartheid (born in 1932)


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Photo: Athol Fugard and LisaGay Hamilton in ``Valley Song,'' a parable play of change in South Africa, now being staged at the Mark Taper Forum.
The inaugural season at The Pershing Square Signature Center features three plays by South African playwright and recent Tony Award-winner for lifetime achievement Athol Fugard, as well as a new production of Edward Albee's The Lady from Dubuque, world premieres by Katori Hall and Kenneth Lonergan, and a United States premiere by Will Eno.
38) Athol Fugard, Exits and Entrances (New York: Dramatists Play Service, 2005).
The most famous example of the theatre of protest created at Johannesburg's Market Theatre by John Kani, Winston Ntshona and Athol Fugard in the 1970s, Sizwe Bansi has survived as a timeless classic with its Godotlike story of two powerless individuals scratching out a life under an oppressive regime.
Based on the only novel written by the nation's premier playwright, Athol Fugard, ``Tsotsi'' has been updated from the book's 1950s setting to the Johannesburg shantytowns of today by adapter-director Gavin Hood.
The drama Harold and the Boys dates from 1982 and is the work of South Africa's leading playwright Athol Fugard.
Athol Fugard doubtless will be extremely satisfied when the harking back is over and done with, when the present and the future in themselves alone will be what counts.
Her Broadway credits with them include shows for director Mike Nichols, playwright Neil Simon, John Guare, David Rabe, Athol Fugard, August Wilson and Tina Howe, among others.
People like Athol Fugard, Barney Simon and John Kani, to name just three, were doing work I wanted to have some part in, because they mocked the regime.
She is interested not just in Brecht's work in and around the year 1930 but also in the ways that this work has had an impact on subsequent theater practitioners, including Heiner Muller in the GDR and Athol Fugard in South Africa.
The Island was a collaboration by the then two young African actors and playwright Athol Fugard, the first time a white playwright had worked in complete collaboration with two blacks.
It is tempting to compare Opperman's play with the tense apartheid dramas of Athol Fugard, but there are few similarities between this lengthy programmatic historical pageant and Fugard's minimalist scenarios.
South African playwright Athol Fugard, who can open his new works anywhere in the world, selected L.
Plus, Theater Editor Steven Leigh Morris talks with Athol Fugard, the legendary South African playwright and one-time candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, whose newest autobiographical play, Exits and Entrances, premieres at the Fountain Theater this week.
The teenager of the play is Athol Fugard himself, who went on to be a white rebel in a troubled land,producing such ground-breaking dramas as Sizwe Bansi Is Dead,The Bloodknot and The Island.