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Synonyms for atheism

Synonyms for atheism

the doctrine or belief that there is no God



a lack of belief in the existence of God or gods

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I don't care if you are white, black, green, orange, blue, purple, chinese, indian, hindu, athiest, christian, jewish, or whatever other race or nationality or religion you think you are that absolves you from following our laws.
AT A the takeover of an athiest regime in China, there were around 800,000 Christians.
It'd be more honest to have athiest schools - teaching truth, not fiction.
Cromarty replied that 'their presence on the same platform would be as incongruous as that of an athiest or an agnostic on the same platform as a preacher of the Gospel'.
He will also return to New Zealand next year to perform a oneman play, Daylight Athiest by Tom Scott, and maybe tie the knot with long-term partner Shaun Davis.