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a member of any of the North American Indian groups speaking an Athapaskan language and living in the subarctic regions of western Canada and central Alaska

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In the spring of 2013,1 had the opportunity to attend the only public federal hearing on the XL Pipeline--a pipeline to be built that would triple the amount of oil from the Athabascan oil sands, travelling through the entire middle of the US to the Gulf of Mexico for export.
Christina Edwin, an Athabascan teenager, wrote that she enjoyed waking up outside and working with a spectacular view.
But this Native Heritage Center is also a way for visitors to learn about more traditional cultural practices and identity through their new Athabascan exhibit (moose skin moccasins, cedar wood masks, birch bark bowls), ceremonial house for gatherings, and local language classes.
will refrain from granting permits, and, as a result, Athabascan syncrude will remain stranded.
Gwich'in Athabascan Implements: History, Manufacture, and Usage According to Reverend David Salmon" discusses the artifacts that have been uncovered in recent years in regards to the Athabascan people.
And so similarly with the two ships, HMCS Athabascan and the HMCS Halifax that rolled out right away and the can-do attitude coming out of 8-Wing, at Trenton.
As well, Alberta Agriculture can help establish a herd health program to reassure Fort McKay and Athabascan Chipewyan members that health isn't an ongoing concern, as well as provide expertise on more hygienic slaughter techniques.
Canada's Sebastian Schnuelle was in the lead, arriving first at the Athabascan village of Nikolai, 236 miles into the race.
Several ambiguities exist in the archaeology of this region, including persistence of microblade technology in the Late Holocene alongside more recent tool forms and the emergence of the Athabascan Tradition (Shinkwin, 1979; Dixon, 1985).
Hit'an Athabascan narrative in my course to build students'
Rice (2000) and Hale (2001) for Athabascan languages, it is explicit that words are formed based on prosodic principles.
Many tribes were upset by the reorganization as some of us had been in NAGPRA since 1999 and they had gotten to know and trust us," says Fredericks, a member of the Athabascan tribe from Alaska.
If he painted an Athabascan woman with a birch bark baby carrier, he commissioned a carrier.
After a day on Virgil's satellite phone and a short commercial flight later, I landed in the sleepy little Athabascan Indian village of Kaltag.
The special issues affecting the Alaskan team of Athabascan Indian boys and their families includes their cultural struggles as well, showing how these issues affect their interactions on the basketball court and in the village.