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If I lose myself in the world and become unable to rise above the risk it places in my future, then I do not simply accept this and fall into an apathy, or ataraxy, of the 'simply existing'.
In this respect, Buddhism may be thought to urge an ethical ataraxy with respect to theological affirmations.
Atoms, Ataraxy, and Allusion [Hildesheim 2000]), the relation between texts and images ("Elpenor, Amymone, and the Truth in the Lykaon Painter's Painting," BABesch 74 [1999] 63-78), and manifestations of utopianism in Roman art, architecture, and literature ("Beyond the Garden of Epicurus: The Utopics of the Ideal Roman Villa," Utopian Studies 12.
15) It was also secessionist in that Epicurus believed in the supreme importance of serf-sufficient ataraxy, the pleasure of utter spiritual tranquility to be found in communion with nature.
All that is needed is sound common sense, a fund of humor, and a little Greek ataraxy [tranquillity].