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essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers

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Additionally, the post-processed, 1st Generation ATAD solids were then stored in the Cooling Tank, where there was no active cooling, aeration or mixing.
This greatly reduced the ATAD biofilter odor emissions and the number of people affected by the ATAD process but this was still not satisfactory, especially to users of the bike and walking path running adjacent to the treatment plant.
Plant operation staff was challenged by this 1st Generation ATAD process.
The 1998 upgrade did have a provision for a 4th ATAD reactor, but it was not constructed as part of the upgrade.
Plant operation staff then posed the question whether or not the District should build the 4th planned 1st Generation ATAD reactor and invest in a large capital odor control project, or to take the dollars which would need to be spent to control odor and put them towards increasing solids handling capacity.
The District's engineer explored different treatment alternatives and once again, given the limited amount of space for expansion at the WWTP, the 2nd Generation ATAD made the most sense.
Effi Atad, Chief Executive Officer of Harmonic Data Systems, said, "Harmonic enjoys a strong position in the satellite broadcast market, serving a variety of service providers that offer digital entertainment.
In developing the SatBox external satellite modem we are promoting the adoption of fast Internet services by offering a `plug and play' device as part of our end-to-end CyberStream solution," said Effi Atad, President of Harmonic Data Systems.
Today Tatneft (TATN(P) RX, ATAD LI) presented 2Q 2012 US GAAP results below market expectations.
Our complementary products enable the delivery of advanced digital services across a variety of broadband platforms and promote the shared vision of both companies," said Effi Atad, president and CEO of New Media.
According to Effi Atad, President and CEO of New Media Communication, "We look forward to working with OSS to maximize New Media's presence in the United States and to provide high-speed modems for Fast Internet to markets throughout the country.
Tatneft (TATN RX, TATNP RX, ATAD LI) presented strong 4Q and FY2011 results under US GAAP.
We estimate possible negative effect of $600-650m for each of Lukoil (LKOH RX, LKOD LI), Rosneft (ROSN RX, ROSN LI) and TNK-BP (TNBP RX, TNBPP RX), $550m for Surgutneftegas (SNGS RX, SNGSP RX, SGGD LI), $300m for Gazprom Neft (SIBN RX, GAZ LI) and about $100-200m for each of Tatneft (TATN RX, TATNP RX, ATAD LI) and Bashneft (BANE RX, BANEP RX), which account for 3-4% of their EBITDA'12E.
The introduction of ATADI and ATAD II, coupled with todays unanimous agreement on the proposal for a directive to amend the Directive on Administrative Cooperation, is a further demonstration of our commitment to this cause.