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Web-based cases in teaching and learning--the quality of discussions and a stage of perspective taking in asynchronous communication.
Disaster avoidance and recovery - iCluster for EMC Symmetrix utilizes low bandwidth asynchronous communications which allows customers to locate their recovery server in another city or anywhere in the world.
IDC) anticipates that the number of LAN asynchronous communications server ports shipped will grow from 430,500 in 1994 to 1,428,000 in 1997, an increase of 300 percent.
Softwired's award-winning enterprise Wireless Java Middleware (JMS) technology, iBus//Mobile, which provides scalable, secure, asynchronous communications between mobile Java devices, non-Java devices and enterprise systems, is now included with new Mobile Toolkit for HP Netaction Application Server CD.
Nasdaq: DGII) today announced that its DigiBoard division is supplying Digital Equipment Corporation (NYSE: DEC) with RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing)-based asynchronous communications cluster controllers for the Digital PC Business Unit's (PCBU) complete line of Intel-based server platforms.
iBus(R)Technology for Scalable, Secure, Asynchronous Communications
5 satisfies the needs of individuals and organizations that have a mixture of communications environments, including point-to-point connections across a LAN, dial-out connection from a LAN through an Asynchronous Communications Server (ACS) and PC-to-PC communication via modems.
According to Softwired, the world's largest auction site eBay (Nasdaq:EBAY), a San Jose-based company specializing in consumer to consumer auctions, has chosen Softwired's iBus//MessageBus to provide the key backbone infrastructure for reliable asynchronous communications to eBay's new high-end live auction application.
DCA also announced PowerPC support for its Crosstalk for Macintosh product, asynchronous communications software for the Macintosh environment that provides users with one of the most comprehensive set of terminal emulation and file transfer protocols on the market.
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