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Synonyms for astronaut

space traveller

Synonyms for astronaut

a person trained to travel in a spacecraft

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Flights in Boeing's CST-100 Starliner and SpaceX Crew Dragon will facilitate adding a seventh crew member to each station mission, effectively doubling the amount of time astronauts will be able to devote to research in space.
7DARK 7 DARK STAR (1974) SMALL budget movie about four astronauts who have been together for 20 years on a mission in deep space.
During the space mission, the astronauts will try to manually dock with the Tiangong 1 space lab and once the dock test is successful they will live inside Tiangong 1 space lab for some days.
The fact fully proves that female astronauts are completely competent for fulfilling space flight missions," Wu said while briefing the press just ahead of the imminent Shenzhou-9 manned space mission to be launched on Saturday.
In about three to five years, NASA hopes to pay for trips for astronauts headed to the space station on American-built commercial rockets instead.
In the central part of the capsule, a set of supporting facilities are built for astronauts to exercise, which can be folded away.
The backpack stores air for the astronaut to breathe.
At first, astronauts would be able to stay only a week.
The new suit will be lightweight and flexible, but will still protect astronauts from the hazards of outer space.
NASA is designing a four-person vehicle that would replace the space shuttle and carry moonbound astronauts.
The spacecraft will also be part of the effort to return astronauts to the moon.
By planting this tree, we want to honor how he and the other astronauts enriched our lives.
Headed by Canadian astronaut Robert Thirsk, its mandate was to test diagnostic and surgical care procedures for astronauts in space and possibly patients in remote areas.
YES Anything we want to do in space we can do more efficiently, more economically, and more safely with automated spacecraft than with astronauts.
ENS)--Episcopalian churches in the north central area of the diocese of Texas, with two of the dead astronauts and many staff of the space program among parishioners, were directly affected by the February Columbia shuttle tragedy.