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Synonyms for astrology



Synonyms for astrology

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But Camaralzaman politely yet firmly persisted in his intentions, and at length the king desired the eunuch who had the guard of the princess's apartments to conduct the astrologer to her presence.
Madam, a new astrologer has arrived, who declares that you will be cured as soon as you have read this letter and seen what it contains.
The prince thanked the king in the warmest and most respectful terms, and added: "As regards my person, your Majesty has rightly guessed that I am not an astrologer.
The prince was punctual, and was received in the private apartment, when, having ordered her attendants to withdraw, the princess took from a small box the talisman, and, handing it to Camaralzaman, said: "Not long ago an astrologer gave me this talisman.
The astrologers revealed the Hindu calendar, which is prepared according to the planetary motion, on this day.
Varanasi, Dec 31 (ANI): Varanasi has astrologers predicted that recession would be over in the year 2010.
Meredith Duquesne, one of France's most experienced and widely known astrologers, brings her star reading expertise stateside beginning today with AstroBaby.
This includes the usual sun sign based and personalized horoscopes and astrology guidance from leading astrologers, as well as out-of-the-box offerings like analysis and forecasts on the flash points in politics, stocks, business, sports, films; free personalized reports; more than 200,000 celebrity horoscopes as well as expert advice from the famous Bejan Daruwalla and his team of astrologers.
com, a leading event-based webcast developer, announced today that the World Premier of &uot;The Howard Sheldon Show,&uot; a DAILY, LIVE Astrology Call-In Show, featuring one of the most well-known Astrologers, Howard Sheldon, will be Webcast LIVE and can be viewed on the www.
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She said that astrologers couldn't predict death and that fate played a role.
Astrologer provide free online love spells technique for those who cannot make direct contact with astrologers .
To curb the perilous practice, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and Nepal's Department of Women and Children took a unique initiative by hiring Hindu priests and astrologers as volunteer advocates who, besides fortune telling, inform people about the demerits of early marriage.
Egypt Today sits down with Fouad to discuss her passion for astrology, the challenges she faces as a professional and the difference between true astrologers and con artists.