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large genus of annual or perennial herbs or shrubs of north temperate regions

the bone in the ankle that articulates with the leg bones to form the ankle joint

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The pollination ecology of co-occurring geographically restricted and widespread species of Astragalus (Fabaceae).
Familia Genero N de especies Asteraceae Senecio 20 Plantaginaceae Plantago 11 Malvaceae Nototriche 9 Solanaceae Solanum 8 Fabaceae Astragalus 7 Asteraceae Baccharis 5 Asteraceae Werneria 5 Poaceae Calamagrostis 5 Pteridaceae Cheilanthes 5 Valerianaceae Valeriana 5 Asteraceae Hypochaeris 4 Asteraceae Perezia 4 Malvaceae Tarasa 4 Scrophulariaceae Bartsia 4
Genera such as Astragalus, Dalea, and Desmodium, as well as members of the other two subfamilies, such as Acacia, Mimosa, and Senna contribute to the great number of species.
In fact, a 2008 study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food found that the right dosage of astragalus can stimulate white blood cells and increase immune response.
We hypothesized that the isolated populations of Astragalus crassicarpus var.
The formulation of MC-S (Clinical Health Pty Ltd, Newcastle Australia) is based upon this principle and is composed of three medicinal mushrooms, Ganaderma lucidum, Lentinus edodes (mycelia) and Coriolus versicolor, a herb Astragalus membranaceous (from the root) and ascorbic acid.
The level and partitioning of genetic variation in the narrow endemic Astragalus jaegerianus was investigated using DNA sequence data and AFLP markers.
Cell Physiology Enhancing total body cellular metabolism for improved skin Astragalus, Goji Berry
Germination of Astragalus hamosus and Medicago orbicularis as affected by seed coat dormancy breaking techniques.
En la frontera sur de Mexico los ganaderos ya no hallan la forma de evitar que sus animales coman garbancillo, una hierba alucinogena de la especie Astragalus amphyoxis, pues los consumidores se aislan del grupo, adelgazan en pocos dias y buscan consumirla a toda hora.
La densidad de gacelas esta positivamente asociada con tres especies de arbustos (especie: Astragalus spp.
Not only does the hybrid survive in a different habitat, says Gompert, but the butterflies strongly prefer as host plants a specialized high-altitude Astragalus in the pea family.
sells honey produced by bees from the nectar of herbs used in Chinese herbal medicine, such as boxthorn and astragalus root.