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British politician (born in the United States) who was the first woman to sit in the British House of Commons (1879-1964)

United States capitalist (born in Germany) who made a fortune in fur trading (1763-1848)

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Balloon Rabbit (Red), a 16-foot-tall sculpture by Jeff Koons, adorns the lobby, and a distinctive Keith Haring Running Man sculpture is located in the Thomas Balsey--designed urban plaza at Astor Place.
He added that Viscountess Astor was "UK resident and a UK taxpayer" Oka was revealed during the MP's expenses scandal to be a favourite with a number of Tories furnishing their second homes with goods worth thousands of pounds.
Astor, whose passenger capacity of just over 600 ensures a personable experience for travellers, arrived at DSV on 17 October.
International team captain Elaine Farquharson-Black said, "I'm delighted to welcome Chloe to the team - she knows the other players well and will, I am sure, delight in the challenge of retaining the Astor Trophy.
Astor Capital had invested in the company in February 2013.
Jefferson was convinced that this would be a good thing and urged Astor to proceed with his project.
THE TOPIC: The surname Astor has been a staple on American social registers for 200 years, since New York fur trader John Jacob Astor, the clan's patriarch, established himself as the country's shrewdest fur trader and one of the wealthiest men on the planet.
On February 2, 1987, Cliff and Vanessa met for the first time on the day that the Astor set off on its maiden voyage around the world, departing from Southampton.
John Jacob Astor (1763-1848) founded the first American settlement on the West Coast and later became the country's first millionaire.
Each county has its own Astor match and the winners are invited to compete in the finals at the famous Bisley Shooting Ground in Surrey.
Bronwen Astor was five months' pregnant in July 1961 when she and her husband hosted the President of Pakistan, Profumo, Lord Mountbatten and other worthies.
Marshall was accused of stealing money from his late mother's estate after Astor signed amendments giving Marshall tens of millions of dollars and rights to real estate properties while suffering from Alzheimer's disease.
MUSCAT, Dec 9 (KUNA) -- British Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for Defence Lord Astor, met Sunday with Omani Defence Ministry's Undersecretary Mohammad bin Nasser Al-Rasbi.
Lord Astor of Hever, who is parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defence, will also attend a reception hosted by Conservatives Abroad - Bahrain, which will be hosted by its chairwoman Sandra Whitford on December 7.