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Synonyms for asterisk

a star-shaped character * used in printing

mark with an asterisk


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Advanced Call Center Software Solutions for the Asterisk PBX.
QueueMetrics turns any Asterisk PBX into a full-featured contact center.
That carrier grade quality, already obtainable with interface cards by Digium, Sangoma, and other vendors, that include Octasic's OCT6100 echo cancellation device, is now available in software form for small to midsized businesses using an Asterisk PBX.
AsteriskNOW is the software appliance and open source distribution of the popular Asterisk PBX featuring a Digium-designed graphical user interface (GUI).
Any business using the free Asterisk PBX software, or other premium PBX solutions, can also boost savings and workforce efficiency with access to high-end features previously only available to large businesses.
ISS X-Force has discovered a denial of service vulnerability in the IAX2, which is used by Asterisk PBX to exchange Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and call content.
com, based on their open source Asterisk PBX software, is a network for people to use, test and study Voice over IP technology.
The vulnerability affects Asterisk PBX software versions up to and including v1.
Two Heads srl - Founded in January 2005 as a consultancy specializing in implementation of open source technologies, Two Heads has built a business on successful implementations of popular open source projects like the Asterisk PBX, and Bacula network backup.
QueueMetrics is call center monitoring software for telephone systems, such as Signate's contact center solution, that incorporate the open source Asterisk PBX.