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It was brought fully to life in three lectures by the German Assyriologist Friedrich Delitzsch that were published in both Germany and the United States.
Apart from the notorious "Bible-Babel" debate among scholars affirming or denying Gilgamesh's kinships to biblical tales, of which the flood story is but one, interpretations of the epic by Assyriologists and biblical scholars have widely varied.
College Dublin, Ireland) collects the letters (mostly previously unpublished) of Edward Hincks (1792-1866), an Irish Assyriologist and decipherer of Mesopotamian cuneiform.
What the Assyriologist does not say is that Ishtar and Inanna were variant names of the same goddess, perhaps because she professionally thinks in terms of the Assyrian name, not the Babylonian one.
Given Lambert's reputation as a first-class Assyriologist, the transliterations presumably represent their cuneiform originals accurately.
The fact that one author is an Assyriologist, the other a classical scholar is clearly a great advantage, well employed.
I am neither an Assyriologist nor have I devoted serious time and effort to the topic.
Eine neue Kultur im altesten Mesopotamien (Leipzig, 1931, soon followed by an English and an expanded French translation), was influenced by two credentialed friends: Assyriologist Arthur Ungnad and art historian Ernst Herzfeld.
As an Assyriologist he read cuneiform texts of all periods and genres.
play the same role in Babylonian poetry as the quotes and allusions that punctuate modern poetry; they constitute intertextual relationships, and enable the well-read modern Assyriologist to make the same linkages across the ancient poems as the ancient reader was expected to make.
Oppenheim, who was an Assyriologist, is perhaps not the best source for a comment on innovation in brick architecture (p.
Furthermore, his works have caused the Assyriologist to be reflective about the state of the discipline.
Indeed, Reiner, commenting in 1985 on the relative infancy of the field of Assyriology as a discipline, cautioned that "the Assyriologist knows that it is too early to attempt to write a history of Babylonian literature .
Koiv has an interesting discussion of what is known from Assyrian and Greek sources on the subject of the Cimmerians, and a reconciliation of differences between the two, gratifyingly to an Assyriologist, in favor of the Oriental sources.
For readers of this Journal, the most relevant features of this book are the cameo appearances of Mesopotamian archaeologist Walter Andrae, Assyriologist Gerhard Rudolf Meyer, and Egyptologists Rudolf Anthes and Siegfried Morenz, as well as photographs of the damage suffered by the Pergamonmuseum.