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a female ballet dancer

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Phyllis Spira, the only South African dancer to have been awarded the title Prima Ballerina Assoluta, was involved with the choreography before her death on 11 March this year.
So perfectly she was eventually honored with ballet's highest designation, prima ballerina assoluta.
By centering her study on several relatively unknown singers whose lives and careers can be adequately documented, we are given a more complete portrait of what it meant to be a prima donna in the second tier of singers rather than the prima donna assoluta who ruled the opera world.
The Italian company's limited-edition summer fragrance Colonia Assoluta Edizione Riviera combines a fresh citrus scent with hints of jasmine, amber, white musk and refined florals.
in termini platonici, un'approssimazione all' 'idea' stessa di poema; e il gesto di chi pretende di eliminare tutte le mediazioni, tutta l'infinita serie delle 'copie' interposte, per risalre fino all'integrita e alla verita assoluta del primo esemplare" (175).
For it was the excesses of Catalani's tenure as prima donna assoluta at the King's Theatre in London between 1807 and 1813 that provided a lightning rod for Henry Robertson's penetrating criticism of the opera house in the Examiner, and brought the simmering conflict over the control of Italian opera in London, and the frustration of the Mozartians, to a head.
By the time she left New York in 1960, she was hailed, along with the Royal Ballet's Margot Fonteyn and the Bolshoi's Maya Plisetskaya, as prima ballerina assoluta, a rank reserved for the rare woman who can perform any role in the classical repertoire.
Ira was Madame Vera Galupe-Borzch, the prima donna assoluta of the company and a legend in her own mind.
Actress, film star, prima ballerina assoluta Plisetskaya has now become a world legend over six decades after her career initially began.
Confrontando la probabilita assoluta con quella relativa ad ogni classe demografica sono emerse le differenze ricercate.
Unfortunately, however, no easy reconciliation seems attainable between Dario Fo's Gramsci and the one confessing, in a touching letter to his wife, his "consapevolezza della impossibilita assoluta, quasi fatale, [di poter] essere amato" (Gramsci, Lettere 108).
E cosi come il romanzo conferma la necessita assoluta di "coltivare il giardino" perche "un giorno, grazie al nostro lavoro, spunteranno fiori, frutti, i bambini mangeranno"(Striano 154), il dialogo fra Filangieri e Lenor, a tratti vivace e a tratti malinconico, si chiude con il riferimento all'"essere bambini fino alla fine, [.
In 1969 she moved to the Berlin Opera Ballet, where she was prima ballerina assoluta from 1973-1990.
Italy's La Repubblica called her a "protagonista assoluta.
With the publication of his book Callas: Prima Donna Assoluta (London: Allen, 1976), his friendship with her became much closer" (p.