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a producer of motion pictures

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For director Alan Rudolph, she served as associate producer for "Welcome to L.
The next-gen stuff is a dream to work on, said Ernest Zamora, an associate producer on the ``Sopranos'' game.
The native Philadelphian grabbed her first opportunity even before the ink on her Temple University degree had dried, when she signed on as host and associate producer of Black Entertainment Television's (BET) new talk show, "Teen Summit.
Bruce Anderson, currently serving as an associate producer on Fox Animation's Horton Hears a Who, will retain his duties on the film and become General Manager of Blue Sky.
In his 12 years at ESPN, Shapiro, 35, went from a hustling associate producer on Jim Rome's first TV show on ESPN2 in 1993 to become the top decision-maker on what went on all the ESPN networks - including hiring Rome for a show last year.
Swink, longtime film editor; associate producer and post-production supervisor, died Aug.
After a post-graduation stint as associate producer for NBC, she was named assistant director of the American Chamber Ballet, and in her performing, teaching, and choreographing career, she toured the U.
The talent was Canadian (Ghostbuster's producer, director, associate producer, co-writer, star and co-star were all Canadians), but the money American.
Louise Fletcher and Martin Landau, Casting by Cathy Henderson, Costume Designer Ann Lambert, Music by Ennio Di Berardo, Production Designer Ladislav Wilheim, Edited by Gregory Hobson, Director of Photography Alex Vendler, Associate Producer Scott Baio, Line Producer John Duffy, Executive Producers Lydia Dadon, Jacob Dadon, Produced by David Dadon, Steven Baio, Neil P.
For years she had been part of the team, an associate producer on some of the finest programs in the series.
Before joining "Studio 360," she was senior producer of "Beyond Computers," PRI's weekly technology and culture program, and associate producer for the television series "Digital West" on PBS.
The awards founders are Marlene Dove and Kyle Ramone, and both are members of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Science, and Kevin LaMarr, associate producer.
Along with his 18-year-old son, Scot Peeples, who works as associate producer of the show and is a Beatles fan as well, this is the first time Stephen has been able to get behind a microphone.
It is shot and edited by Travis Andrews, formerly an associate producer of MTV's Fabulous Life Presents: My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding and season one of Tiara Girls.
LoMenzo began her professional career in television, working in New York City, as a news editor for ABC-TV's Good Morning America and as associate producer at CBS News.
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