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Synonyms for affiliate

Synonyms for affiliate

to unite or be united in a relationship

one who is united in a relationship with another

a local unit of a business or an auxiliary controlled by such a business

Synonyms for affiliate

a subordinate or subsidiary associate

Related Words

a subsidiary or subordinate organization that is affiliated with another organization

join in an affiliation

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Launched in May 2000, Red-M(TM) is an associate company of Madge Networks N.
Gehl Company, in conjunction with its associate company, Gehl GmbH of Neuenkirchen, Germany, which distributes skid loaders and mini-excavators throughout Europe, will formally introduce these new skid loader models to the European market at this exhibition.
Pacific Long Distance Corporation, a Netel associate company, is an ETS license holder in Hong Kong that has been providing long distance service since 1999.
Following the purchase of further shares on November 26th Mydata's status changed from that of associate company to Group company.
Herrick & Associates has been appointed a distributor of NoFire for the state of Nevada and their associate company Damco Technologies as a distributor for the state of California.
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