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Cases such as this are likely to increase as the role of assistance animal expands beyond assistance for obvious physical disabilities.
Canines are the most common species of assistance animals, working well as guide dogs, hearing dogs, or service dogs.
and they also excel as rescue dogs, assistance animals, and as drug detection dogs for police forces.
The concluding chapter addresses assistance animals and therapies.
While it's nice to have four-legged help about the house, pets aren't true assistance animals, trained to help with tasks.
For years, Southwest Airlines, one of the nation's largest, has banned pets entirely except for fully trained assistance animals accompanying a person with a disability or being delivered to one.
If pets are useful either as assistance animals or simply company then they have a greater emotional value to individuals than a relative we just keep on our Christmas card list.
Hippotherapy (hippo = horse in Greek), assistance animals, and more are prescribed by doctors for people with various ailments.
Also investigate cleaning services provided by most vets, often at reduced cost for assistance animals.
She also is looking into donating miniature horses as alternative assistance animals for the visually impaired.
2,3] Research has proven that the companionship of trained assistance animals helps individuals with seizure disorders feel more relaxed, positive and better able to manage their condition.
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