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the activity of selecting the scenes to be shown and putting them together to create a film


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There are fears that at Assembly cuts in funding will mean the end of lessons like this in Welsh schools
Facing a two-year, $2-billion budget deficit caused by declining revenues in a-weak economy, the General Assembly cut 5 percent from the budgets of community-technical colleges as well as the state's four-year universities.
The two-piece assembly cut cost by 14% and weight by 22% compared to the 22-piece steel structure on the prior model," Trueman said.
Although the company cites Welsh Assembly cuts of 11% in funding for the Wales-wide concessionary travel scheme, it has also embarked upon a series of variations to routes which have resulted in some areas becoming isolated, with more to follow.
The cuts to council budgets are not government cuts, they are Welsh Assembly cuts.
For reliable clean cuts, a Sur-Cut modular knife assembly cuts the material to a high accuracy of [+ or -]0.
He asked me whether Assembly cuts would mean less money for local government," sighed the poor put-upon Sir Humphrey.
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