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a true bug: long-legged predacious bug living mostly on other insects

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Molecular phylogeny of the assassin bugs (Hemiptera: Reduviidae), based on mitochondrial and nuclear ribosomal genes.
Among material collected in Tanzania, a series of a physoderine assassin bug representing a previously unknown genus and species were found and the bug is described in the present paper.
Araneophagic assassin bugs choose routes that minimize risk of detection by web-building spiders.
The house cricket, for example, with its passion for decayed insects while dining, resembles a flesh-eating zombie; while the assassin bug, whose beak-like mouthparts inject toxic saliva into its prey, becomes multiply monstrous in multifaceted eyes of insect victims.
The other involved "stalking" spiders, where the assassin bug slowly approaches the unsuspecting victim until within striking range.
Goldenrod, which I had always considered a weed, attracts soldier bugs and assassin bugs.
Residents include Amazonian leaf-cutting ants, praying mantis, giant millipedes, and deadly assassin bugs.
Like fish, male assassin bugs keep soliciting eggs during the early days of guarding a clutch.
It includes bed bugs, assassin bugs, damsel bugs, and lace bugs.
Most of the insects associated with sunflowers are beneficial, ranging from those that pollinate crops to predators such as bees, wasps, and assassin bugs that may help control insect pests.
The assassin bugs suck the juice of other insects with their long beaks.
Among the creepy crawlies will be a hissing cockroach, tarantula, stick insects, assassin bugs and a preying mantis.
These innocuous-looking orchard flowers lead the assault on the pecan's aphid enemies by enticing an unlikely army of lady beetles, lacewings and assassin bugs, thereby dramatically decreasing the need for spraying.
This sequence was followed by an extended period of feeding, after which the fly was dropped and most assassin bugs engaged in cleaning behaviors.