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state in northeastern India

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Mohapatra, 'Tea and Money Versus Human Life: The Rise and Fall of the Indenture System in the Assam Tea Plantations 1840-1908', Journal of Peasant Studies 19(3) (1992): 142-172; Rana Pratap Behal, 'Forms of Labour Protests in the Assam Valley Tea Plantations, 1900-1947', Occasional Papers on History and Society (New Delhi: Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, 1997); Behal, 'Power Structure, Discipline and Labour in Assam Tea Plantations Under Colonial Rule', International Review of Social History 51 Special Supplement (2006): 143-172 and Samita Sen, 'Commercial Recruiting and Informal Intermediation: debate over the sardari system in Assam tea plantations, 1860-1900', Modern Asian Studies 44(1) (2010): 3-28 to name a few; see also, Guha, Planter Raj to Swaraj.
Among other schools included in the list of Top 10 boarding schools: Daly College, Indore (5); Mayo College, Ajmer (6); Assam Valley School, Balipara (6); Rashtriya IndianMilitary College, Dehradun (7); Sherwood College, Nainital (8); Orchid International School, Nashik (9); St.
It also connects through the Assam Valley as Brahmaputra.
Tharoor tweeted enthusiastically about his Guwahati visit -- his engagements included a visit to the "gorgeous" Assam Valley School, where, as always, Pushkar was by his side.
South of the Assam Valley a narrow strip of hilly country extends to the watershed between the Brahmaputra and Irrawaddy rivers, beyond which line it is agreed that we shall presume the country to belong to Burmah .
While they calculated that they were over India's steamy Assam Valley region, mountains 20,000 feet high kept popping up.
During April and May, all tea districts in Assam valley witnessed unprecedented production decline by around 40 percent during April and 30 percent during May.