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state in northeastern India

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Production Levels of Tea in Tea-Growing Regions of India in April 2014 vs April 2013 APRIL % of State/District 2014(E) 2013 Incr/Decr Incr/Decr Assam Valley 22.
It also connects through the Assam Valley as Brahmaputra.
Tharoor tweeted enthusiastically about his Guwahati visit -- his engagements included a visit to the "gorgeous" Assam Valley School, where, as always, Pushkar was by his side.
While they calculated that they were over India's steamy Assam Valley region, mountains 20,000 feet high kept popping up.
A member of the 2nd Battalion, 24th Regiment of Foot, later the South Wales Borderers, he was among five men despatched from the ship Assam Valley to look for a search party.