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The ASPRO CLEAR range of soluble painkillers is specially formulated to be fast and effective in treating headaches, backache, neuralgia, period pain and dental pain.
Chairman Richard Golding said: ``The financial results of DSL are now incorporated into the Aspro Group.
Aspro first bought into DSL as part of life-saving refinancing in 2000 when DSL was near collapse after the costs of building Blue Planet outstripped original estimates.
On the closing date, the four current directors of SK will resign and five individuals designated by Aspro will be appointed new directors of SK.
PREDATORY Spanish group Aspro has launched a pounds 7.
Golding is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ASPRO -OCIO, Spain's leading water park owner and operator.
Last week and the dread name Aspro Mavro are sufficiently fresh in the memory, however, for me to succumb to a knee-jerk reaction this week and steer clear of any possible odds-on shots - for the time being.
DEEP Sea Leisure, the Fife-based aquarium firm now majority-owned by Spanish company Aspro, is on the prowl.
Aspro have launched a new brochure with some great deals to get you off to the sun next year.
Jonathan Jay was rewarded for taking on the ultimately disappointing John Gosden hotpot Aspro Mavro in the 1m maiden with Night Lily, who took on the odds-on favourite as the pair, drawn badly in one and two, diced for the lead from the off.
The founder of the Fife-based walk-through acquarium business, Phil Crane, sparked surprise in the City when he sold his 20 per cent stake to theme park group Aspro for the bargain price of pounds 1.
All the while he was carving out a successful career as an advertising executive with Dunlop, Aspro and Mars.
The most likely winner at Kempton, but one who could admittedly end up being all the rage, is Aspro Mavro in the 1m maiden (5.
Aspro claims the Dost apartments in Gumbet are "excellent" for families, couples and retired people.
China, Compaigne des Alpes (Grevin), and Aspro Group