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a widely used search engine accepting plain English questions or phrases or terms

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Ask Jeeves answers about 16 million questions a month, but admits that even its well-informed butler figurehead is occasionally at a loss for some queries.
If you want a bit more life in your web searching, perhaps you should Ask Jeeves.
Ask Jeeves was different from its competitors because it was designed from the beginning to offer answers toquestions written in English.
Although users started a campaign to 'save' Jeeves, IAC opted to re-brand the site and Ask Jeeves will be known just as Ask in the future.
Ask Jeeves Zoom is a way of narrowing or expanding your search results.
The most common business-related query submitted to Ask Jeeves was "Where can I buy .
Ask Jeeves is an effective vehicle for companies looking to reach customers on the Web," said Jeffrey Mahl, executive vice president of Integrated Marketing Solutions for Ask Jeeves, Inc.
Office Depot is currently working with Ask Jeeves to enhance the service, further enabling customers to navigate the extensive catalog of products and product information on officedepot.
com on the Ask Jeeves site makes terrific sense," said Jim Bryant, president and CEO of Information Please, LLC.
In its heyday, Ask Jeeves gained popularity because it allowed you type in a simple question in grammatically correct English.
Marchex also announced today that it has reached separate search distribution agreements to place its advertiser listings on the MSN and Ask Jeeves search networks.
Search engine Ask Jeeves UK has begun offering two paid for inclusion products for advertisers wanting to target the UK & Ireland markets.
The acquisition will enable Ask Jeeves to provide an advanced search technology on the Web.
uk has been so successful because it's easy to use, the technology's friendly and you get relevant information,' said Andrew Hart, from Ask Jeeves UK.
Under the agreement, IDGE will provide product descriptions, images and Web pages, as well as links to cheats, FAQs, walk-throughs and pricing info to enhance the Ask Jeeves search experience for gaming-related information.