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the largest continent with 60% of the earth's population

the nations of the Asian continent collectively

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The prince was serving as the deputy governor of the southern province of Asir.
Meantime, a Scud missile struck a military base in Khamis Mushait region in Asir province.
Fifteen Saudi emergency forces affiliates killed in terror blast targeting their mosque in Abha, Asir province and Daesh claims the responsibility of the bombing.
This is especially key in the southern regions of Asir and Jazan, which have few industries offering jobs for graduates.
Prince Khalid was appointed governor of Asir province in 1968.
In the midst of his research, Antar met with Yahya Amqassim, a poet from Asir, and challenged him to interpret Salibi's argument poetically, drawing on Old Testament stories.
Several military vehicles were destroyed and a number of Saudi soldiers were killed in an artillery attack on al-Rabuah government building in Asir.
DOHA, March 17 (KUNA) -- The Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) signed on Tuesday a three-year Memo of Understanding (MoU) with Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Saudi city of Abha, in Asir region, to support and boost industrial investments in the area.
A road linking the Asir and Jazan regions is set to be built at a cost of $1.
Project Location: Asir, Jizan and Al-Baha, and Makkah, Saudi Arabia
V Asir carrying containers were berthed at Qasim International Container Terminal on Tuesday, Aug.
10 (Saba) -- The army and popular forces on Friday launched military attacks against Saudi soldiers in Asir and Najran border provinces, a military official told Saba.
ABHA: The Border Guard Command's search and rescue teams in Asir rescued four citizens from drowning after their boat crashed near Al-Qahmah, off the coast of Asir region.
Also on Friday, the Yemeni army and popular forces continued pounding the strategic military base in Saudi Arabia's Asir province after they destroyed dozens of fighter jets and helicopters in earlier Scud missile attacks.
Abha, Shawwal 26, 1436, August 11, 2015, SPA -- Vice Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, left on Monday evening Asir region after offering condolence and sympathy to the relatives of the martyrs of duty who were killed in the terrorist bombing of the mosque of the special emergency forces in Abha, Asir region.