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As early as 5 June 1950, ASIO discussed with Evatt his private secretary Allan Dalziel's relationship with Soviet KGB agent Nosov (codename "Technician").
The APx 515 production test analyzer supports any two channels of ASIO at one time and requires the ASIO software option (SW-ASIO, $750) or the APx515 software bundle 2 (SWB-2, $1500).
ASIO monitoring revealed Clark was invited to the homes of leading Soviet officials and intelligence officers and was a regular visitor to the Soviet embassy where his wife taught English.
As a domestic intelligence agency, ASIO has always operated with a degree of secrecy over and above that afforded to police agencies.
Hundreds of Indonesians angry with the ASIO raids demonstrated outside the Australian Embassy in Jakarta on Tuesday.
Well, I am a leftist and I wrote a critical and comprehensive book about the history of ASIO (Australia's Spies and Their Secrets) and I think the raids were justified.
A decade on, while Australia is undeniably one of the safe countries in the world, the unfortunate reality is that the threat of terrorism remains real and persistent and therefore represents the greatest focus of ASIOs attention," Irvine said in ASIO's latest annual report.
During his final appeal to the immigration tribunal, Leghaei argued that ASIO's assessment should not affect his application since ASIO did not provide reasons for their character assessment.
Version 2 continues to work with Windows XP, and will now work with any ASIO driver capable audio interface.
SHORT-LISTED BUSINESSES Young People Menter Award Elliw Williams of Caernarfon-based bilingual communication and translation service Atom; Rhonwen Mai Owen whose Y Bwlch Tlws shop in Porthmadog offers a wide variety of beauty treatments; Siwan White whose Y Pantri cafe and sandwich bar employs nine people in Denbigh; Afan Thomas's Asio Afan welding and repair business in Hermon; Carmarthen-based Elin Humphreys' T-Hwnt Welsh shop selling clothes, books, CDs, DVDs and greeting cards.
The Lateline program on ABCTV last week (2 November) reported `concern over this week's raids by ASIO on Muslim homes .
ASIO, in fact, had seized passports from young Australians suspected of traveling to Syria to join rebel groups.
Neither I nor ASIO know the exact figures, nor how active they are," he said.
Bydd yn dangos sut yr ymledodd y ffermwyr cynnar trwy Ewrop a wynebu'r hero gyfuno a math gwahanol o bobl -helwyr a chasglwyr -gan asio dwy ffordd wahanol o fyw.
The Sydney home of an Indonesian man was searched Sunday, and three Indonesian homes in the Western Australia city Perth and one in Sydney were examined by the ASIO and AFP early Wednesday.