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By appropriating African American mediated hip-hop culture, Notorious MSG aligns Asianness with the Black body vis-a-vis the hustler.
Navid is my Asianness and Scottishness all coming to this point of pure comedy.
But this has always made me conscious of my Asianness, just like a heavy person is always conscious of her weight.
Asian identity and cultural values now have a place at the NBA table and within the global marketplace, but the visibility of Asianness comes through a homogenized and flat presentation of cultural identity, nor unlike the representation of black NBA stars.
My Asianness is as much a part of me as my Britishness, and it's no big deal.
The question of Asianness, for instance, is central to the Asiacentric terrain of inquiry, but what constitutes Asianness is debatable.
Focusing on normative identity politics, Jolivette Mecenas examines the public articulation of Asianness in order to comprehend how Asian identities are racialized.
Using this framework, she sets out to explore how contemporary notions of South Asianness have been shaped by a history of racism and exclusion that continues to inform girls' current tensions around identity and belonging.
A member of the Triads, whose sign of Asianness consists of the dragon on his shirt, is equally dangerous with his exposed gun and his "sneaky gaze.
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