Asian longhorned beetle

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a beetle from China that has been found in the United States and is a threat to hardwood trees

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Some residents, meanwhile, questioned why more of an effort was not made earlier to chemically treat healthy trees as a way to protect them from the Asian longhorned beetle.
Review of the Asian Longhorned Beetle Research, Biology, Distribution and Management in China, Forest Health & Biosecurity Working Papers FBS/6E.
The Asian longhorned beetle, an invasive insect from Asia, has no natural enemies here.
The best defense against the Asian longhorned beetle is early detection and fast action.
The problem is that there just isn't enough time to inject all of the susceptible trees in the woods of Green Hill Park before July, when Asian longhorned beetles take flight, he said.
Palmieri, who represents the part of Worcester that has been hard hit by the Asian longhorned beetle infestation, said he finds it "problematic'' that the federal and state agencies overseeing the ALB fight have not been able to curb further infestation, and that more trees will have to be taken down.
It's important to note that they have no reason to believe the Asian longhorned beetle is actually at these sites, but if a business working with wood has had people traveling to Worcester since before ALB was reported, for example, it will make the list.
Burns and Harasimowicz got in the field -- or rather, Worcester-area forests and tree-lined streets -- with people such as Clint McFarland, federal project manager for the Asian Longhorned Beetle Cooperative Eradication Program in Massachusetts.
The battle against the Asian longhorned beetle is far from over, but it is being won.
Department of Agriculture's efforts to eradicate the Asian longhorned beetle.
SHREWSBURY -- More trees infested with the Asian longhorned beetle have been found in town.
First there was the ALB -- the Asian longhorned beetle, found in Worcester five years ago -- and now foresters are on the lookout for the EAB.
Department of Agriculture's efforts to rid the area of the Asian longhorned beetle, and once the swarms of surveyors started poking around Shrewsbury his attention heightened.
WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama's long-awaited budget proposal for the coming fiscal year, released Wednesday, does not bode well for communities such as Worcester engaged in a protracted battle against the Asian longhorned beetle.
SHREWSBURY - Hundreds of red maple trees will be removed after about nine acres in the Hill Street area were found to be infested with the Asian longhorned beetle.
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