Asian longhorned beetle

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a beetle from China that has been found in the United States and is a threat to hardwood trees

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Some residents, meanwhile, questioned why more of an effort was not made earlier to chemically treat healthy trees as a way to protect them from the Asian longhorned beetle.
Review of the Asian Longhorned Beetle Research, Biology, Distribution and Management in China, Forest Health & Biosecurity Working Papers FBS/6E.
If citizens suspect a sighting of Asian longhorned beetle, call the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture's toll-free pest hotline at 1-866-253-7189 or e-mail badbug@state.
While he wouldn't oppose focused local use of imidacloprid to help contain an Asian longhorned beetle infestation, Mr.
The Asian longhorned beetle bores through the tissues that carry water and nutrients throughout the tree, which causes the tree to starve, weaken, and eventually die.
Last summer, roughly 500 trees were taken down near Green Hill Park as part of efforts to contain the Asian longhorned beetle.
For more activities or if you see any signs or symptoms of the Asian longhorned beetle, report it immediately.
While the compact can work on any issue related to forest health, the Asian longhorned beetle is a prime target.
Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) today announced that Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) has been effectively eradicated from an area in Boston, Mass.
1, 23,785 infested trees and 10,512 high-risk trees had been removed from within a 110-square-mile Worcester County area regulated to eradicate the ravenous tree-eating Asian longhorned beetle, which first showed up here in 2008.
Environmental groups join USDA to recognize August as Tree Check Month, urging public to look for the signs of the Asian Longhorned Beetle
USDA officials believed they had the Asian longhorned beetle cornered in much of New York City, and were systematically eliminating the pest from the five boroughs and portions of Long Island.
16, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Agriculture Secretary George Greig today asked the public to help keep the Asian Longhorned Beetle from entering the state, saying the non-native, invasive wood-boring pest could severely harm Pennsylvania's $25 billion hardwoods industry.
No one thought the effort to evict the Asian longhorned beetle from Worcester and surrounding towns was over, but with fewer trees having been cut down this year, it might have seemed that way.
5 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Pennsylvanians are urged to be on the lookout for the Asian Longhorned Beetle, an invasive wood-boring pest that could severely harm Pennsylvania's $25 billion hardwoods industry, Agriculture Secretary Russell C.
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