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In the current study we examined the extent of alcohol use and binge drinking among Asian Indian students in Midwestern Universities.
Dyslipidemia had no significant impact on PCAD in the subset that combined white and Asian Indian patients, but dyslipidemia increased the odds of PCAD approximately threefold in the subset of black and Hispanic patients.
This is an opportunity for franchise executives to learn more about what the Asian Indian community thinks about franchising.
If research finds that drug use is a problem among Asian Indian adolescents, then culturally appropriate prevention, intervention, and treatment programs and policies should be developed.
By 1900, there were approximately 696 Asian Indians in the United States although most came between 1904 and 1924 (Bagai, 1972, p.
LOS ANGELES, March 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Many Asian Indians play a balancing act between celebrating their rich Indian culture and embarking on new experiences in the U.
In the news release, Chrysler Group (NYSE: DCX) Pitching the All-New 2007 Chrysler Sebring to Chinese, Korean and Asian Indian Consumers, issued Wednesday, Nov.
The ads will run on Chinese TV networks KTSF in San Francisco, KSCI in Los Angeles and WMBC-TV in New York; Korean network stations KTSF in Los Angeles and WMBC-TV in New York; and Asian Indian TV networks SET Asia, ZEE TV and Z Cinema.
We are confident that the strength of our two brands will allow for a successful entry into the fast-growing Asian Indian market segment.
and information dedicated to the Asian Indian community
Indiantown Gap, Governor's Advisory Commission on Asian American Affairs, Chinese Culture and Arts Institute, Asian Indian American Community of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Department of Health, Pennsylvania State Police, and Croatian Centers Kolo Club Marian.
The 30-minute television special, Rose's Melting Pot, will feature Asian Indian culture, cuisine and history, by highlighting New Jersey museums, festivals, restaurants and music that focus on India, including the Kathak Arts Center in Piscataway, and the East Indian collection of the Newark Museum.
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