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an American who is of Asian descent

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Such a conception or misconception of Asian American culture might be easily dismissed on the ground that the students conflate Asian and Asian American cultures or simply fall victim to the commercialization of minority literature in American culture and society.
When students used the term "Asian values" in my class, they made two assumptions about Asian American culture, which were based on Asian cultures and the Asian economic power as represented by Japan and the "four tiger nations" (South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong).
In reading "Asian values" in Amy Tan's Joy Luck Club as negotiation and interaction between the dominant and Asian American cultures, I suggest that we should recognize the extent that American capitalism has changed Asian America and reassess the interest that Asian American professionals and entrepreneurs have demonstrated in participating in American capitalism as argued by critic Viet Thanh Nguyen (2002, 6).
The book delivers on its promise to demonstrate the diversity of Asian American culture by offering a veritable fest of material dealing with many aspects of the cultural experiences of Asian Americans.
PHILADELPHIA -- Comcast Corporation, one of the nation's leading providers of entertainment, information, and communication products and services, announced the launch of Cinema Asian America, a new On Demand destination featuring Asian American content that reflects the diversity and depth of Asian American culture and its cinema.
Launched in May 2012, ISAtv is a YouTube entertainment platform for Asian American culture, talent and news.
The final day features the C-100 mentoring program, highlighting Chinese and Asian American culture and identity.
This year we wanted to look at Asian Americans who have embraced non-traditional paths and through their success have had an influence on both American and Asian American culture," said Yi, who also directed last year's East of Main Street: Asians Aloud for HBO.
Portland Taiko's music is both a celebration of Asian American culture and catalyst for bringing people together.
These artists are coming together from communities in San Francisco to Taipei City and Austin to Hawaii with one common goal: to celebrate diversity and share their interpretations of the beauty of Asian American culture.
Over 5000 people expected to attend Lifestyle event featuring every aspect of Asian American cultures under one roof
Overall, this book outlines the importance and relevance of comparative race studies while being cautious not to fall into the trap of false optimism and/or recuperative work that mythologizes connections rather than illuminating the actual relationships formed between black and Asian American cultures.
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