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But whereas Ashton-Tate founder George Tate (Ashton was the name of his pet parrot) had recognised and appreciated the role of that ecosystem, Harvard MBA Ed Esber, who took over when Tate died of a heart attack, resented their success.
Five were acquired (including Ashton-Tate, once one of the industry's "Big Three"), four reported sales below our cutoff point, six failed to provide current data, and four were disqualified (see the discussion of eligibility requirements under "Notes on Methodology").
When I contacted Ashton-Tate about the lack of sub and superscripts for technical work, they sent a disk with these fonts.
This year alone, Ashton-Tate and Digital Research lost their independence, Mediagenic plunged into bankruptcy, and Autodesk's founding CEO emerged from semiretirement to warn that the company could be facing its "last days" (Soft*letter, 8/25/91).
Hyder also served in executive, senior management and sales leadership positions at Brickfish, DivX, Archos, Musicmatch, Intel, Novell and Ashton-Tate.
The silence is easy to understand: Novell first has to finalize its purchase of Digital Research, and Borland needs to assimilate Ashton-Tate (a deal that could fall apart at the eleventh hour, as last year's Lotus-Novell merger did).
Other experience includes leading roles at WordStar, Sun Microsystems, Ashton-Tate and Lotus.
Created 30 years ago by Ashton-Tate, and popularized by Borland, the .
We have no interest in competing with Ashton-Tate and Oracle for core technology.
The fact is, Ashton-Tate has never shown much interest in being a technology leader.
Reisteter has also held numerous senior-level sales and marketing management positions with Hayes, Delrina, Ashton-Tate, and Government Technology Services, Inc.
Posner is a well-respected, proven software executive having led many companies to considerable success over the last 30 years, including roles as CEO of Peter Norton Computing, WordStar and Ansa and as a senior executive role at Ashton-Tate.
Wordperfect, Lotus, Ashton-tate, Borland, and other DOS companies all discovered the hard way that graphical products are tough to get right the first time.
Yamanaka has also held senior design and technical roles at Ashton-Tate (acquired by Borland) and TRW, Inc.
Previously he was with MIMER Corporation and Ashton-Tate as a technical writer.