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chief god of the Assyrians


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Ashir stated that despite invitations to the 3rd International Water Conference, no ministry officials attended.
Fakhriya Aliyeva is well known to audience for her roles in such performances as "Othello", "Zohre-Tahir", "Inspector", "Daughter-in-law arrived", "King Lear", "Japbaki" and in films "When a woman saddles up a horse", "Ruses of old Ashir," etc.
Zohair Ashir from Hisaar Foundation said that today Karachi is the seventh largest city in the world with over 22 million population.
Ashir Ahmed, associate professor in the faculty of information science and electrical engineering, Kyush University, Japan
It's really a good step, it's really a positive step," said Ashir Haider, representative of Greece's Shi'ite Muslim community, which celebrated the end of Ramadan in a basement in a shabby part of Athens lined with car repair shops.
That is going to change with Ashir Azeem's Maalik, all set to release in theatres worldwide on April 8.
Meenar-a-Pakistan, the symbol of resolution of Pakistan beautifully painted by Aiman, Faizan Ashraf, Zikra Hoor, Muhammad Ashir, Rao Abdullah Aabban and Rao Muhammad Aayan, he added.
Ashir Mussayev, a local farmer, praised the project: "Thanks to 'The Farmers of Chilik' project, I obtained knowledge about new and affordable fertilizer technologies and vegetable maintenance techniques to apply during the ripening stage.
Known only as Ashir, he has been left terrified by nightly attacks at the house he shares with five friends in Glasnevin, North Dublin.
Moniruddoza Ashir, Institute of Textile Machinery and High Performance Material Technology, TU Dresden.
15-year-old Bomarsund bowler Jaden Sparrow celebrates after bowling GEMS bats-|man Ashir Ahmed in the Northumberland League Premier Division.
The board will be presided over by former Finance Minister Raya al-Hasan, and will consist of six other members: former Finance Minister Jihad Azour, Wassim Mansouri, Antoine Habib, Ramzi Hafez, Antoine Diab and Ashir al-Dayeh.
Civil Affairs has widened its services to people with hearing and sight disabilities, launching a service called Ashir (sign) in all its branches throughout the Kingdom.
Ashir Ahmed, PhD Lecturer, Department of Information Systems, Entrepreneurship and Logistics Faculty of Business & Law EN Building, Room 610a Swinburne University of Technology PO Box 218 John Street Hawthorn 3122 Victoria, Australia Phone:+61 3 9214 5641 E-mail: azahmed@swin.
Unidentified gunmen kidnapped Sunday two veiled women and a young man, as they were standing on a sidewalk beside the Sah-Sah coffee shop in the Ashir al-Daya neighborhood of Tripoli.