Ash Wednesday

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the 7th Wednesday before Easter

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The Ash Wednesday event started in July of 2011 by cigar aficionado Angye Fox.
Bishop Paul said: "People are perhaps losing the sense of Lent and doing this reminds people about Ash Wednesday and gives them the opportunity to think about their mortality and the forgiveness of Christ.
Ash Wednesday is a holy day that starts the Lenten season in the Roman Catholic church.
I walked out into the prison yard after Ash Wednesday Mass.
We must never forget this building was the saviour to many hundreds for people on Ash Wednesday and the proud home to the flowering gum planted by Diana, Princess of Wales to signify the community led recovery.
5 March, 2014: Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent for Roman Catholics and many other sects
Brent Was during a streetside Ash Wednesday gathering of local Episcopalian clergy and lay people who offered the rite to passers-by at the Lane Transit District plaza downtown.
Each of them died betweenone Ash Wednesday and the next, and their deaths gave us tears to fill a font.
SHOPPERS were invited to share a prayer with the Archbishop of York as he visited Middlesbrough to mark Ash Wednesday.
The pope will then celebrate Ash Wednesday mass at 1600 GMT, his last public mass and one of his final engagements as pontiff.
Ash Wednesday February 13 is the beginning of the 40-day period known as Lent (the 40 days - excluding Sundays - before Easter Sunday).
Heading into church for the noon-hour service on Ash Wednesday, I walked along the sidewalk behind two middle-aged couples decked out in office-type apparel.
LENT is traditionally a 40-day period of prayer penance, repentance and self-denial for Christians which runs from Ash Wednesday to Christ's resurrection on Easter Sunday.
TODAY is Shrove Tuesday, the traditional Christian feast day before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday.
They will take place at Nuneaton United Reformed Church, in the town centre, where an Ash Wednesday Service is also being held at 7pm.