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Synonyms for asexual


Synonyms for asexual

not having or involving sex



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This year a handful of asexuals marched at the Dublin Pride Parade carrying the banner "asexuals exist" next to men in leather g-strings and women in skimpy bikinis.
He added: "We have meet-ups and these are vital for older asexuals who have spent their lives trying to fit into other people's ideals.
Ours is arguably a sexual law, casting asexuals on the outside in a
burgeoning community of self-identified asexuals, and then develops an
Asexuals are those who have no inclination towards sex.
Asexuals may not be interested in sex but can be good lovers.
Published in the journal American Naturalist, the article highlights the fact that when an asexual creature reproduces, it makes clones-exact genetic copies of itself.
Brian, an asexual navy veteran from Virginia, USA, said: ``Where we draw the line is the desire to interact sexually with other people.
These fungi have been proposed as ancient asexuals, but figuring out how to make sense of the fungi's genomes is tricky.
Many people believe sex is the consummation of love, but asexuals can feel love, too.
We are being asked to convert homosexuals and heterosexuals to asexuals.
The lines from Dan Savage in the epigraph, though comic, contain a serious claim: Savage implies that asexuals don't need anything from the law.
One of the strongest candidates for ancient asexuals, bdelloid rotifers date back at least 40 million years.
APPARENTLY asexuals - those who have no interest in sex whatsoever - are on the increase.
Asexuals are now "coming out" and forming virtual communities via the internet, New Scientist reported.