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Synonyms for aseptic

Synonyms for aseptic

free of or using methods to keep free of pathological microorganisms


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Adequate aseptic technique should be always used before tendon and joint injection.
also it must be given under highly aseptic technique because it is susceptible to bacterial contamination," said Wecht.
2003) suggested that other exogenous risk factors are the more important determinants, such as the aseptic technique of the users of the suction system.
Strict adherence to hand washing and aseptic technique remains the cornerstone of prevention of CRI.
She stressed the importance of aseptic technique, using Hiblicens or Dial Soap to wash down body if it came in contact with someone who has MRSA and just for the general shower.
Strategies to decrease CVC infections include adhering to strict hand washing protocols, aseptic technique on insertion and on accessing the catheter and use of chlorhexidine skin antiseptics.
Level I instructs students in safety, microbiology, medical terminology, pharmacology, introduction to surgical technology, biomedical science, anatomy and physiology, aseptic technique, patient care and surgical case management.
The student had spent several weeks perfecting his aseptic technique, eventually cultivating the needed cells.
Strict adherence to aseptic technique must be followed to avoid joint infection.
A common theme is that they all involved unsafe injection practices and failure to adhere to aseptic technique," says Perz.
The infection rate is normally low if there is a "clear easy stick" and nurses use aseptic technique, i.
For instance, placing settling plates around water purification equipment during servicing may indicate the need for improved aseptic technique if viable droplets are deposited concentrically in concentrations that decrease as distance increases from the aerosol source.
Nurses must remember to use strict aseptic technique and infection prophylaxis during the acute phase of illness.
6] The proprietary ChloraPrep applicator promotes aseptic technique and reduces the risk of direct hand-to-patient contact, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
It is important for all health care providers who access the bag for urinary samples to use the appropriate ports and use aseptic technique.