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Synonyms for aseptic

Synonyms for aseptic

free of or using methods to keep free of pathological microorganisms


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24 Our study revealed that the highest number of errors were related to deviation from aseptic technique (23.
Considering the frequency with which the blood stream is accessed via a catheter for maintenance haemodialysis, stringent aseptic technique amongst nursing staff is an essential element of preventing CRI.
In addition, there is controversy about the use of antibiotics, as some authors argue that these may lead to aseptic technique failure in addition to inhibiting some processes of eukaryotic cells and hide the presence of microbial contamination, since, without the use of antibiotics, they shall become apparent as soon as possible, and indicates that culture should be discarded before spreading contamination to other bottles or that one should try to decontamination.
Adequate aseptic technique should be always used before tendon and joint injection.
All anaesthetic trainees routinely used the components of an aseptic technique when performing lumbar puncture.
When performing uterine lavage or any other procedure, in which the cervix of the problem mare is violated, employing meticulous aseptic technique is imperative to minimize contamination and optimize the chances of a successful outcome.
Health care professionals should be aware that repackaging sterile drugs without proper aseptic technique can compromise product sterility, potentially putting the patient at risk for microbial infections, it added.
Each tape strip is equipped with handling tabs, which help facilitate aseptic application when being used with aseptic technique.
The results revealed that compounding of Drugs (100%) followed by Pharmaceutical Calculations (98%), Sterile Compounding, Aseptic Technique and IV Admixture (98%) and Medication Error Deterrence (96%) were the most frequently cited topics required to be the part of an effective curriculum.
Although no obvious breach in aseptic technique by the New York anesthesiologist was revealed during a review of procedures, certain breaches, such as not wearing a mask properly during the procedure "might be difficult to identify retrospectively," the authors said.
The findings underscore the need to follow established infection-control recommendations during spinal procedures, including the use of a mask and adherence to aseptic technique.
A sampling of topics includes analgesics, aseptic technique, bloodless surgery, HIDA scan, managed care plans, rotator cuff repair, and ventricular shunt.
He had already spoken with the office manager and lead nurse and within the week, they held an in-service on aseptic technique for their entire staff and warned that anyone who did not follow protocol would be terminated.