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Over 100,000 types of mold are classified in the Zygomycota, Deutermycota, and Ascomycota phylums.
Inferred Phylogeny Relative (%) 1 Nematoda, Chromadorea, 99 Monhysterida 2 Athropoda, Maxillipoda, 99 Sessilia 3 Prbotista, stramenopiles, 97 Labyrinthulomycetes 4 Protista, stramenopiles, 98 Thraustochytriaceae 5 Arthropoda, Maxillipoda, 95 Siphonostomatoida 6 Fungi, Ascomycota, 100 Sordariomycetes 7 Rhizaria, Cercozoa, 95 Cercomonadida 8 Bryozoa, Cheilostomatida, 100 Calloporidae 9 Nematoda, Enoplea, Enoplida 92 10 Protista, stramenopiles, 94 Oomycetes, Lagenidiales 11 Nematoda, Chromadorea, 90 Desmodorida 12 Protista, Stramenopiles, 100 Chrysophyceae Gel not Arthropoda, Maxillopoda, shown Sessilia TABLE 3.
In the fungal phylum Ascomycota, eight to 11 of the orders (depending on the classification scheme) each mix lichen formers with nonlichenizing fungi.
These associations involve fungal species within the phyla Basidiomycota, Ascomycota, and Zygomycota (Figure 2).
In lichens there are perhaps 18,000 species of lichenised fungi (of which 13,500 are currently described; Sipman & Aproot, 2001) and they occur across not only a wide range of the Ascomycota but include some Basidiomycota and, though very polyphyletic, some groups may have evolutionary origins in the Cambrian.