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son of Apollo

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Iceland and Asclepios have jointly funded Phase 2a clinical trials which are also termed "proof of concept in humans".
We are excited to come together with Asclepios and Bellus Health to advance BLU8499 into this new phase of testing and hope that this compound will make a difference to the lives of those affected by this dreadful condition.
At the sanctuary of Asclepios at Epidaurus, the god of healing appears to the Romans in a dream and tells them that he will leave Greece and come to Rome in the form of a large serpent.
The snake-entwined staff of Asclepios or Aesculapius appears much more frequently in classical sculpture than in classical literature, appearing in a statue found at Epidaurus and, more significantly for Renaissance imagery, in a number of Roman statues.
When by order of the Roman emperors Gratian (375-83) and Theodosius (379-95) Christianity was made the official religion in the empire, and when in 391/92 all heathen temples in the empire were closed and their possessions confiscated and handed over to the church, shrines once dedicated to Asclepios oftentimes got "baptized" by simply turning them into a church or erecting a basilica on their site, which first had to be cleared of any idols worshiped there previously.
One man, an osteopathic physician, kept a bust of Asclepios in his study and felt a deep connection to ancient Greece.
For although it is the theatre now that draws the crowds to this beautiful hilltop, it was once the cures of Asclepios that held the most mysteries.
In Greek mythology both Apollo the Healer and his son Asclepios concentrated their efforts on determining what medicine could, and could not do.
Mixed with the charred husks of rice, the leaves of Asclepios gigantea or Convulvulus laurifolia and the wood of Cassia auriculata they are packed tightly.
Objectives, designs and populations of the European Asclepios study on occupational hazards to male reproductive capability.