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minute sedentary marine invertebrate having a saclike body with siphons through which water enters and leaves

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Ascidians and bryozoans were attached to the panel in a greater proportion (Fig.
Biofouling deterrent natural product from the ascidian Distaplia nathensis.
while later colonizers included the ascidians Aplidium pallidum and Ascidia callosa (Witman, 1998).
establishing the symbiotic relationship with ascidians, and, if so,
Ascidians are marine invertebrate chordates, some of which are classic model organisms for the study of development and evolution (Conklin 1905; Berrill 1932; Satoh 1994; Corbo et al.
Utilizing a new and exciting view of combat, in which you can also see the first-person view of up to four troopers in your X-COM strike team, the player commands an X-COM squad as they fight their way to the enemies' home world to prevent the decimation of their allies, the Ascidians.
Biofouling is made up of hundreds of species, such as tubicolous bacteria, protozoan, seaweed, mollusks, bryozoans, cirripeds, polychaetes, ascidians, hydrozoans, and so on.
After further analysis and deliberation, the Council decided to implement an additional trawl closure area to protect juvenile red king crab and critical rearing habitat, which includes stalked ascidians and other living substrates (Ackley and Witherell, 1999).
In some ascidians, the receptor for settlement cues from bacterial films is a mannose-binding lectin, which activates metamorphosis via a mannose-binding lectincomplement pathway of innate immunity (Davidson & Swalla 2002, Woods et al.
After 2 years most of the mussels had died off, except those on the steel frames, and the sessile fauna and flora of the remaining reef components were dominated by red algae, sponges, ascidians, and hydroids (Beinssen, 1976).
ABSTRACT Biofouling ascidians represent a serious and costly problem for aquaculture.