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a volcano in central Honshu near Nagano

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United Red Army was made, in part, as a response to Masato Harada's The Choice of Hercules (2006), which tells the story of the Asama Sanso siege as "a hymn to the cops.
Damascus, Mar 24 ( ANI ): Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's wife, Asama, told a friend that she had concluded that she was a 'monster' after completing an online personality test, a cache of leaked private emails have revealed.
His wife Asama, 36, is revealed as a shopaholic who bought clothes from Harrods and furniture from Britain.
Research (Holland, Johnston, & Asama, 1993; Skorikov & Vondracek, 2007b) indicated that vocational identity development, particularly the commitment dimension, relates positively to numerous favorable cognitive and affective personality dispositions.
University of Tokyo Professor Hajime Asama said, ''Mobilizing a robot without any consideration (for radiation) could complicate the situation and may even hinder work.
Elisa Cardona (21) no conocio la prision de Las Oblatas, al contrario de las que habian sido companeras suyas en la sala de Pilatos, el principal espacio concentracionario provincial hasta la decada de los cincuenta, como Josefa Asama y Carme Bordera, que fueron trasladadas a la carcel convento el 6 de junio de 1939 con 150 presas mas mientras que 293 mujeres procedentes de Madrid ingresaron el 4 de agosto.
Daha onceki TNMB siniflamasinda palpabl lenf nodu (LAP) olmamasina ragmen patolojik ornekleme yapilmasi tavsiye edilir ve atipik hucre gorulmesi durumunda nod evrelendirmesininde ileri bir asama (N2) olarak kabul edilirdi.
International Classification of Retinopathy of Prematurity grubu tarafindan PR esik hastalik ve esik oncesi hastalik olarak ikiye ayrilip esik hastaligi tedavi edilmesi gereken asama olarak degerlendirilmistir.
She can't live by herself; [she has] to live with her parents or with her husband," says Asama Farag, the director of government-sponsored shelter for female victims of violence.
The third takes up the February 1972 story of the 10-day-long Japanese police siege on a mountain lodge in Asama, where five URA members were holed up with a hostage.
Two volcanoes - Mount Asama on the Nagano-Gunma border and Mount Sakurajima in Kagoshima - have become active although no large-scale eruptions have occurred.
Chunks of rock from the explosion were found about 3,300ft away from Mount Asama, which lies about 90 miles north west of Tokyo, but there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.
There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage after Mount Asama erupted about 90 miles northwest of Tokyo.
Dorduncu asama olan yapisal ozellikler (differential structures) asamasi ilk uc asamada elde edilen bilgiye destek niteliginde olan cesitli gorsel niteliklerin varliginin arastirilmasini kapsamaktadir.