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Asaan Hai is a virtual noticeboard to make buying, selling, renting and hiring any product or service simple and smart.
The mission behind Asaan Hai is - “To Build A Simple And Smart Platform For People To Buy, Sell, Rent And Hire Products & Services Online.
In Aizaz Ahmad Aazar's book of Punjabi poetry Asaan Kitian Yaar Kamaayiaan, Amin Kheyal acknowledges that it was the geet that must have dawned upon any nation as its first piece of poetry.
com)-- Geek Initus, a young tech startup on the block, is pleased to announce a totally new and revamped version of its virtual noticeboard service - Asaan Hai.
In a constant endeavour to enable the users to get a solution for their needs more easily, Geek Initus has added a range of new features to Asaan Hai.