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mother and earth goddess in Gilgamish epic

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Academia tends to be insular and separated away from what's going on outside," said Aruru, an assistant professor of social and administrative sciences at the Roosevelt University College of Pharmacy.
Aruru gets to work with a marvelous plan to create a worthy challenger for Gilgamesh; but not just any challenger, for this new creation is a primitive double, who is to be called, Enkidu; a powerful creature who, unlike Gilgamesh, is two thirds animal and one third human.
In earthshaking combat he overcomes Engidu, who has been fashioned by Aruru to be his rival.
Taking pity on them, the lord of heaven ordered the goddess Aruru to mold out of clay a hairy wild man named Enkidu.
The company's CEO, Aruru Sarin state, "in the case of Japan, we have been making progress on the turnaround in recent months.
Kurubarahalli, Reddigollavarahalli, Mareganahalli, Aruru, Ramaganaparthi, Nandaganahalli, ( Diguru) , Muttugadahalli, Peresandra of Chickballapur constituency