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the pseudonym of an actor

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SKYBOX also has a memory feature that can remember the artist name and title of the song or programming for up to 15 entries.
In the Cadillac, located in the Shuttle Computer booth, One Voice demonstrated playing music in-car by simply speaking the artist name or genre from a collection of hundreds of albums.
And because it's okay to have some fun every now and then, the You Control:iTunes throws a little eye candy your way each time the song changes displaying the track name, artist name and any album artwork you've got in your iTunes library.
They will then receive a text message directly to their phone with the song title and artist name, with a link to get recommendations and the ability to share the song/album information with their friends.
Customers will be able to search by criteria including artist name, album title, movie name, actor, producer, writer or director.
With no particular theme, and no artist names or titles to guide the viewer, the works of the show's five different artists are there to be enjoyed
Famous artist names such as Picasso and Rembrandt are often bought by individual billionaires, major art galleries and museums or multi national corporations given that the value of the pieces exceeds millions of US dollars.
The SD memory card comes with various memory sizes and users can categorize musical genres or artist names.
This highly efficient recording method, called PASC (Precision Adaptive Sub-Band Coding), allows the extra tape space to be used for other purposes, such as storage of song titles, artist names and lyrics, and user-input controls.
The Avvenu Music Player features an easy-to-use interface displaying playlists, artist names, album names, song names and musical genres.
Artist names, album titles, track names and cover art information from the MP3, FLAC, and WMA files stored in the shared folders are automatically extracted and seamlessly merged into the FireBall's on-screen Music Guide using FireBall-PC's ultra-fast indexing algorithm, allowing the FireBall to locate and play any artist, album, or song in mere seconds.
When the user calls into the system, the application connects with the iTunes music library in real-time and generates recognition grammars that the application uses to accurately understand a single spoken word or phrase which could be included in any of over 15,000 song names, 1,600 artist names or 175 genres.
To help users find digital music files stored on CD, the unit's NAVI (navigation) feature can display song and artist names saved on MP3 and WMA music files.
and the SIRIUS receiver has full scrolling capabilities that show artist names and song titles.