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Special equipment is used, like a hole-punch on the bone, to create a space that's exactly the right size to hold and stabilize the artificial tooth.
16) She does not understand that her rotten tooth is the physical embodiment of her inability to be an unmarked citizen wh o has the economic power to erase the unwanted traces of her body by purchasing a new artificial tooth.
Lost and found: Defensive line coach Ed Orgeron lost an artificial tooth he's been wearing recently during practice, but it later was found on the field by a staff member.
According to Conair, about 5 million Americans have dental implants -- an artificial tooth root surgically placed into the jaw to hold a replacement tooth in place.
Then, not even the most intimate observer will be able to distinguish an artificial tooth from one that nature made.
The posts protrude through the gum tissue, thus forming mounting points for firmly anchoring anything from a single artificial tooth to a complete lower or upper denture.
The subperiosteal framework supports a permanently mounted artificial tooth, which is much more functional and stable than removable artificial teeth.
Many dental specialists are also able to perform dental implants, a procedure in which a small metal post is inserted in the jawbone and an artificial tooth is built up and mounted on the post.
No matter how effective modern dental prostheses might be, no artificial tooth can ever fully replace the natural tooth.
A dental implant is an artificial tooth root, placed in the position where a missing tooth used to be.