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  • noun

Synonyms for lighting

the act of physically illuminating or the condition of being filled with light

Synonyms for lighting

having abundant light or illumination


Related Words

apparatus for supplying artificial light effects for the stage or a film

the craft of providing artificial light

the act of setting something on fire

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In addition to threatening 30 per cent of vertebrates that are nocturnal and over 60 per cent of invertebrates that are nocturnal, artificial light also affects plants and microorganisms," HAaAaAeAe[micro]lker said.
Artificial light at night contributed to excessive weight in men and women about as much as eating junk food, the research team reports in the International Journal of Obesity.
As many as 67 per cent of Americans, 55 per cent of Britons and 51 per cent of other Europeans cannot see the Milky Way, and 99 per cent of people in those places live under night skies that are more than ten per cent brighter because of artificial light.
Scientists have found artificial light disrupts sleep patterns, causing weight gain and obesity-related illnesses such as type 2 diabetes.
In a study of mice fed identical diets, the rodents exposed to the most artificial light gained weight.
Scientists have found that invertebrates such as sea squirts and keel worms, which are already known for fouling waters, are influenced by artificial light.
Research has found that people complete tasks like character recognition and reading at a higher pace in natural light than artificial light.
When E was higher than a threshold 500 lux, it was considered high enough not to require artificial lighting, and then the artificial light is turned off.
Researchers found that nurses who had access to natural light experienced significantly lower blood pressure, communicated more often with co-workers, laughed more and served their patients in better moods than nurses who only had exposure to large doses of artificial light.
Artificial light provides valuable benefits to society, including extending opportunities for sport and recreation, and can be essential to a new development.
THE END OF NIGHT: SEARCHING FOR NATURAL DARKNESS IN AN AGE OF ARTIFICIAL LIGHT comes from an author who spent childhood summers in a cabin on a lake in northern Minnesota, watching the Milky Way in a dark night.
This artificial light keeps our brains from shutting down, and it may be affecting more than 90% of Americans who regularly use an electronic device before bed.
The higher the reflection, the less artificial light is required.
But he sees the lab breeding shutdown as a sign of how big an impact artificial light might have.
These pictures do indeed show the same ashtray and candle holder, the only difference is that the photo where the ashtray is pink and the candle holder a brownish amber was taken by daylight, while the second picture was taken under artificial light.