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a handmade imitation of a blossom

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She was a little, sharp-eyed woman, who used to wear, when she was dressed, one unchangeable cap, ornamented with some artificial flowers, and two artificial butterflies supposed to be hovering above the flowers.
The more drawers and closets there were, the more hiding-holes could Dinah make for the accommodation of old rags, hair-combs, old shoes, ribbons, cast-off artificial flowers, and other articles of vertu, wherein her soul delighted.
Hitherto, it had been held a point of honour by the families in Grimworth parish, to buy their sugar and their flannel at the shop where their fathers and mothers had bought before them; but, if newcomers were to bring in the system of neck- and-neck trading, and solicit feminine eyes by gown-pieces laid in fan-like folds, and surmounted by artificial flowers, giving them a factitious charm (for on what human figure would a gown sit like a fan, or what female head was like a bunch of China-asters?
The women, even Jessica, came in jackets and immense hats extravagantly trimmed with artificial flowers and exotic birds' feather's--of which there were abundant supplies in the shops to the north--and the children (there were not many children, because a large proportion of the babies born in Bun Hill died in a few days' time of inexplicable maladies) had similar clothes cut down to accommodate them; even Stringer's little grandson of four wore a large top hat.
Put the same feather with a ribbon and an artificial flower and everyone will think it's for a lady's hat.
RAWALPINDI -- Multi-color artificial flowers are being decorated along the metro bus track plying between Rawalpindi-Islamabad to enhance the beauty of the road.
The adornment du jour revealed itself in the variety of gilt laurel leaves and ringlets of artificial flowers at nearly every accessories stand.
Shukla and her group recently organized an exhibition of their handmade dolls and artificial flowers at the Agartala City Centre.
The researchers presented bees with a series of artificial flowers that required ever-more challenging strategies, such as moving objects aside or upwards, to gain a sugar syrup reward.
D student and Peter Kevan, professor in Guelph's School of Environmental Sciences allowed the bees to sit on series of artificial flowers.
I was thinking of putting artificial flowers outside since my fresh ones don't seem to last, and at least with artificial I don't have to worry about watering.
Besides Ivy Fence Rolls, Geranium Street Floral has artificial boxwood balls in stock that range in size from 12" on up to 21," artificial boxwood hedges, artificial flowers.
Artificial flowers are now very realistic, and are also more in tune with prevailing fashion trends.
This collection provides red themed artificial flowers and special figures and accents on Christmas pots that shine as decorations in a house.
It must be bad enough for them when there are shabby artificial flowers left tied to a lamp post for months after the accident.