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This method suppresses the ringing artifacts only in edges and could not effectively remove the ringing artifacts in smooth regions.
But questions about the artifact aren't just raised by Rohani's opponents.
To date, more than 7,700 artifacts from programs, including the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, space shuttle and the Hubble Space Telescope, have been given to eligible museums, schools, universities, libraries and planetariums in all 50 U.
The artifact was confiscated by Syrian authorities while it was being smuggled from Iraq to Syria," SANA said in a statement on its Web site.
Other electrical sources such as electric beds, lighting fixtures, ventilators, or electrical wiring may generate artifacts (even when not in use).
In this methodological framework, the technical artifact is considered part of the user experience within a context.
1 -- color) Larissa Nickel, an aide at the Lancaster Art Gallery, prepares a chariot scene for an exhibit of ancient Egyptian artifacts.
Coordination artifacts are runtime abstractions encapsulating and providing coordination services, to be exploited by agents within a given social context.
The antiquities situation is a mess," echoes Kate Fitz Gibbon, a Santa Fe dealer in Central Asian artifacts.
Instead of an archaeological site, I was confronted with an open ditch, and the stratification and context of any artifacts had been destroyed beyond recovery.
Ozone-depleting methyl bromide was once the fumigant of choice for protecting museum artifacts against insects and mold.
1-7) ENG measures corneorctinal potentials, so any kind of electrical "noise"--such as electrocardiography (ECG), myography, or electroencephalography--may cause artifacts.
Collecting artifacts at different "monumental bridges" along the way
New and more lightly skilled developers can leverage the enterprise code-sharing repository and resources, tackling the more routine development tasks, and learn enterprise development methodologies by working with proven artifacts.
The Iraq Museum, the national museum of antiquities in Baghdad and the most complete collection of Near Eastern artifacts in the world, wasn't spared.