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Synonyms for joint

Synonyms for joint

a point or position at which two or more things are joined

a disreputable or run-down bar or restaurant

belonging to, shared by, or applicable to all alike

Synonyms for joint

a disreputable place of entertainment

the shape or manner in which things come together and a connection is made

a piece of meat roasted or for roasting and of a size for slicing into more than one portion

marijuana leaves rolled into a cigarette for smoking

fit as if by joints

Related Words

fasten with a joint

Related Words

separate (meat) at the joint

united or combined

affecting or involving two or more

Related Words

involving both houses of a legislature

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Therefore, while the Reformed tradition has not found it congenial to identify an articulus stantis et cadentis ecclesiae, it has through and in its confessions of faith articulated the correlation and interdependence of doctrines that together designate that which is sufficient for salvation.
33) This insight, which is also evident in the Reformed tradition's understanding of doctrine and in that of other traditions also, emphasizes the interdependence of doctrines and therefore raises a question to any tradition that seeks to identify a doctrine as articulus stantis et cadentis ecclesiae.
The Articulus series eliminates the need for knot tying and allows for deployment of two Contour Threads(TM) through a single puncture entry site, simplifying the Contour ThreadLift procedure," said Cheryl Wozniak, Contour Threads Product Manager at Surgical Specialties Corporation.
The Articulus series is inspired by the Latin word for "small joint," referencing the ability to "join together" two threads to make one.
For Lutherans, of course it is the soteriological and ecclesiological touchstone, a sharp and singular criterion in this regard, indeed an articulus stantis vel cadentis ecclesiae (the rule of faith that decides whether a church is standing or falling).
63) The notion of sound in such a scheme describes it as a material carrier of sorts where "each linguistic term is a member, an articulus in which an idea is filed in a sound and a sound becomes the sign of an idea.