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a legal document that creates a corporation

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These amendments to Zealand's Articles of Association entailed by the share capital increase have been registered on 17 April 2017 with the Danish Business Authority.
The power of the Board of a PJSC to agree to arbitration as a means of resolving disputes has to be explicitly stated in the Articles of Association of the Company.
The governing body are said to be concerned Whyte may have breached their strict articles of association with regards to office-bearers of members clubs.
Similarly, shareholders of 012 Smile have approved amendments to its own Articles of Association.
Much of the meeting was devoted to a thorough review of the articles of association until unanimous agreement was reached on all its elements.
The articles of association further limit voting rights in the general assembly for all shareholders with more than 5% of the capital, except for the state and equivalent entities.
AMSTERDAM -- Ahold yesterday unveiled a proposal to amend its articles of association to permit a capital repayment and reverse stock split, in the wake of a March announcement of a proposal to return 3 billion euros to shareholders.
The city voted against an amendment to the Articles of Association that would have enabled a share listing to occur.
Black Country law firm Higgs & Sons is advising people wishing to sell shares in private limited companies to look closely at the articles of association and shareholders' agreements after new ethical standards for auditors came into force earlier this year.
Z's articles of association specifically prohibited any transfer of ownership interest in the company without the prior written consent of all the owners.
Other state statutes provide more flexibility, allowing for reconstitution upon a vote of the majority of the remaining members or upon the consent of all remaining partners unless the articles of association provide otherwise.
and Industrivarden - have proposed an addendum to AB Volvo's articles of association that would permit voluntary conversion of Series A to Series B shares.
The meeting, chaired by Sheikh Suhaim bin Abdulla al-Thani, vice chairman, in the presence of Ministry of Economy & Commerce officials, and external auditors of the company, KPMG, approved the board's proposals to update the Articles of Association (AoA) of the company in line with the provisions of the Governance Code for Companies & Legal Entities listed on the main market recently passed by the Qatar Financial Markets Authority.
Aktia Bank Oyj (HEL: AKTRV) announced on Friday, that as a step towards simplification of the company's governance structure, the company's Extraordinary General Meeting on 21 September 2017 took the decision to amend the bank's articles of association in order to abolish the board of supervisors.
Reportedly, this decision is in accordance with the proposal of the board of directors, to amend the section '[section sign] 1 Company name and domicile' of the company's Articles of Association to be that the company's name is Digitalist Group Oyj, Digitalist Group Abp in Swedish and Digitalist Group Plc in English.