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Synonyms for article

Synonyms for article

an individually considered portion of a whole

something having material existence

Synonyms for article

(grammar) a determiner that may indicate the specificity of reference of a noun phrase

bind by a contract

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For articles intended for the Operations department, obtain an official clearance for public release, unlimited distribution, from your public affairs and operational security offices before submitting your article.
All six articles were accepted by votes in favor somewhere between 330 and 367, and thus they would be submitted to referendum.
To deal thoroughly with the errors in MacLeod's article would require a book.
See, specifically, Articles 5, 36, and 37 of the Vienna Convention.
Freudenthal's collection of sixteen articles, written over a period of twenty years, is thematically divided into three sections: Science in the Medieval Hebrew Tradition: Socio-Cultural Considerations (two articles); Maimonides, Gersonides and Some Others (eight articles); and Reverberations of Greek Theory of Matter in Arabic and Hebrew (eight articles).
Every issue of PSC should include articles that are directly relevant to practicing school counselors.
This technique works well in short articles, too, where space is at a premium but you still need to create some sort of pause.
For example, several popular media articles were used as class handouts.
Environmental Marine Geoscience--Five articles have been published in this series, beginning in 1999 (v.
2005) made no attempt to further scientific knowledge; therefore, their article appears to fall short of the scientific standards of EHP.
We may think that articles written by scholars and printed in peer-reviewed journals are more important than our own contributions to music history, but it stands to reason that our own contributions are significant.
Based upon today's digital landscape, four questions are examined throughout the articles in this issue:
We have done numerous articles in the past explaining that fire can be beneficial to an ecosystem--and in some cases, such as with longleaf pine, is critical to its survival.
Anticipated future editions will feature articles on Transformation and Leadership, Systems Engineering Best and Worst Practices, and Technology Transition and Implications.