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a legendary king of the Britons (possibly based on a historical figure in the 6th century but the story has been retold too many times to be sure)


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Marco provided Rustichello with notes that he had taken during his stay in Asia; Rustichello contributed his writing skill by fitting rather dull material into the framework of an Arthurian romance, and in language that could reach a larger audience.
We also have an element of Arthurian romance in the shape of a sword in the style of Excalibur.
The whole of Rhys' introduction is given over to illustrating the origins of Arthurian romance in Welsh history, topography, and legend, after briefly acknowledging Malory's immediate French sources (viii-ix).
Three chapters are organized thematically: the Arthurian romance (Chretien, Malory, Tennyson); demon lovers (Spencer, Keats, Poe, Stoker, among others); and utopias (with a primary emphasis on More).
Privileging elite political readers with their preference of Arthurian romance and giving little space to popular romances, despite a nod to Guy and Bevis, seems to perpetuate the old division between chivalric and popular romances and favour the former.
And indicate left at the next roundabout for where Sean Connery once swashbuckled in an Arthurian romance.
emphasis added, Chenerie 143) ['Beyond the everyday world, far away from courtly society, the country of adventure, of the Quest, may take on a natural aspect, but it is one which Arthurian Romance often invests with a 'sacred' quality--in this case, at least, a supernatural quality, at once frightening and fascinating'.
Never before in Arthurian romance has Gauvain been so overcome with such indomitable rage as he is here, and that of course emerged from his intense love for his brothers.
The first section, "Crossing Genres," opens with Ronald Martinez's sweepingly panoramic "Two Odysseys: Rinaldo's Po Journey and the Poet's Homecoming in Orlando furioso," in which Rinaldo's journey is revealed as a masterly accommodation of Arthurian romance and Carolingian epic tradition.
He takes leave firstly of Gawain's story, next of Arthurian romance in general, then of ancient British legend, and finally of salvation history.
Arthurian Romance always conjures an ideal chivalric world anterior to the present--whether the eleventh or sixteenth century.
This enjoyable translation will be a goldmine for anyone interested in folk tales and Arthurian romance.
Thomas Crofts, in "Perverse and Contrary Deeds: The Giant of Mont Saint Michel and the Alliterative Morte Arthure" follows the Giant of Mont Saint Michel throughout Arthurian romance to locate his perverse genealogical position in relation to Arthur's imperial ambitions.
His story is comparable with that of an Arthurian romance and in four of William Shakespeare's plays he is mentioned no less than 24 times.
For instance, Aubrey Galyon has argued that it was written as a `vehicle for philosophical statement'; its author, `a cleric of some learning', `wrote in Latin for an intellectual audience an Arthurian romance whose narrative structure is an affirmation of divine illumination as the only means of certainty'.